We are here to support you…

So, you have made the decision to become part of a nationwide network of over 2.4 million members.  These members have all taken the decision to make a difference in their community and make their area a safer and stronger place to live, by working together to look out for their neighbour’s and their property.

Part of joining our network of Coordinators across England and Wales, is that you are fully supported with best practice, resources, and crime prevention information. 

'Becoming part of a solution one step at a time.'

Our guide will direct you through how to set up a scheme in your area.  We know that this can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming, but we are here to support you.  We will explain everything. One of the most important steps when starting up a scheme is to decide on what it wants to achieve, who it wants to help and how it will celebrate its success. 

  • Step 1: Identify the focus
    Think about the specific local focus you have and how Neighbourhood Watch members can help. You might also want to look at your area’s crime statistics on www.police.uk or think about who lives in your neighbourhood and how they might benefit from belonging to a Neighbourhood Watch group.

  • Step 2: Decide what you can do
    Once you have identified the focus, think about what your Neighbourhood Watch group might be able to do to help or improve the situation or your neighbourhood. 

  • Step 3: How can you make it happen?
    Think about the resources that will help you to carry out your planned activities. Resources don’t just mean money; they also include things like time, space for meetings, and access to resources such as stationery and printers.  Are there other community groups in your area you could work with who have access to resources?

  • Step 4: Assess your chances of making it work
    Be realistic and focus on things that you can do in your neighbourhood that will be successful.

Regular reviews

Reviewing your scheme every year will ensure it is achieving its goals. Start by looking at your original expectations and the activities you decided on. Depending on the result, you could change your activities and their emphasis to help the scheme remain responsive to the needs of its members. And remember to celebrate your successes and share them with the Central Support Team so we can share them with the wider membership.  Being involved in Neighbourhood Watch builds stronger and safer neighbourhoods and bring people together, which is why it is a powerful movement.